..Spirit Medicine crew

"Spirit Medicine crew" - art project, organized the first psychedelic trance events in the western ukrainian city Lviv, beginning in 1997. The project, to suspend its activities in the late 90's, met again in 2007. Spirit Medicine crew activity includes organizing art and psy events, partys, work of design-art project "Hyper Icons", activity of music project "Spirit Medicine", psyshop and chaishop, and also dj activity of members - as dj Mz, dj Alexxdrum.

We will be happy to participate in your event in any of the activities of our project:
- as music project "Spirit Medicine" (experimental psytrance/post-industrial)
- as design-art project "Hyper Icons" (backdrops, thread design, our author's psyshop)
- as djs - Mz, Alexxdrum (neo-goa, psytrance/post-industrial, psy-chill)
- as chaishop

We took part in high quantities in a variety of Ukrainian parties, open-airs and festivals. Here are collected the flyers of old (90's) and new events organized by Spirit Medicine crew.

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