"Spirit Medicine" - experimental psychedelic trance / post-industrial music project

Spirit Medicine Project (Maria "MZ" & Albert "Alexxdrum") was created in the 1998, as the part of the rave subculture. At that time MZ & Alexxdrum worked at creation of different kinds of electronic music using some old trackers and analog synthesizers, and were the active participants of psychedelic postrock projects. Since year 2000 till now members of Spirit Medicine are making different post-industrial electronic music in collaborations with musicians from Ukraine and Poland. In year 2007 Spirit Medicine found its new concept and form, based on old-school goa trance sound and different experimental post-industrial inspirations. The important part of the project’s sound is the using of androgynous vocal of MZ and some acoustic instruments. The project doesn’t have narrow stylistic frames, trying to express wide and deep inner states of mind. It is not the only electronic music, but rather a stream of consciousness, expressed in the language of sound, emotional states, and metaphysical ideas. In our music and live acts we’re trying to awaken the nondual and intuitive level of consciousness, named in many great mystical teachings as "feminine part of soul" and expressed in archetypical image of "Great Mother", "Shakty".

During last years Spirit Medicine participated in many psy-trance and industrial events, parties and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. Every live act for us is a kind of contemplative ritual and the moment when we meet divine in us and in people on the dance floor.

Our music is a bridge between psychedelic and post-modern cultures. Our ideas and atmosphere is inspired by the concept of the integral spiritual consciousness which incorporates all the manifestations of duality: the different states of mind, attitudes and discourses, philosophical and spiritual teachings. All the things in the world, all dualities are always united in One - this is a great mystery. Music and art created and percieved by everyone of us – this is our way to contemplate the mystery of Unity in our inner place, our Terra Interna.

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