"Hyper Icons" - ritual psychedelic art

"Hyper Icons" are two Ukrainian psychedelic / visionaristic artists – Mz & Alexxdrum, participants of the psychedelic trance project Spirit Medicine. Our artistic activity began in early 90th. We developed different art and design project (digital and hand-made), connected with psy-rock and psychedelic trance cultures. In 1996 we began one of the first Ukrainian psy-trance projects – "Spirit Medicine". In this project we developed music goa-trance band and (in some years) we began to create visionaristic UV backdrops. After some time, when our project of painting developed, we gave to it the separate name – "Hyper Icons" (‘cause our aim was to create modern sacred images). "Hyper Icons" participated during last 10 years in many psytrance events, parties, festivals (Misterika, Skygravity, Space Of Joy, Dharma, OZORA...) in different countries.

Our art is dedicated to universal mystical, spiritual and sacral images of eastern and western traditions, interpreted in the context of post-modern and psychedelic culture. Our ideas and atmosphere is inspired by the concept of the integral spiritual consciousness which incorporates all the manifestations of duality: the different styles of art, states of mind, attitudes and discourses, philosophical and spiritual teachings. It is not the only painting, but rather a stream of consciousness, expressed in the language of visual images, emotional states, and metaphysical ideas. All the things in the world, all dualities are always united in One – this is a great mystery. Music and art created and percieved by everyone of us – this is our way to contemplate the mystery of Unity in our inner place.

Our production is the fluorescent widescreen backdrops, which are presented here - OUR BACKDROPS GALLERY.

BOOKING. We make deco installations with our backdrops for outdoor and indoor psychedelic events. If you want to book us for participation at your festival or party, please read our BOOKING page, and contact us to discuss the details. We have our own 15 Black Light lamps 25W for illuminating the backdrops and all needed instruments for installation backdrops.

About visionary art. We see the visionary art like the one of the forms of spiritual practice, the way of contemplation, when we go to the depths of the inner reality of our minds. It's also the way of communication with the people on a deeper level of this art-contemplation. Creating objects, we travel between the internal and external dimensions of reality. In this journey we realize the illusive nature of this duality and try to share our experience of unity and non-duality with everyone who become an observer of the results of our journey. The visionary art is deeply intuitive and spontaneous, and therefore has the potential to create bridges between different cultures and spiritual teachings. This level of art creates a universal space of human experience of transcendence and infinite transformation.

Our way in this sphere of art is the creation of contemplative and psychedelical paintings - we can call them the modern icons - where the images of different cultures come to life. These images, connected and remelted in creative process and accepted in meditative perspective, become the something like the activators of the way we can call the enlightenment, like in the East, or metanoia, like in the West, - it means the transformation ot mind.

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